The old man in a lab coat - Smashing stereotypes in science

Kylie Walker

The world still sees the stereotype of a scientist as an old man in a lab coat - and this is having a negative effect on the number of girls pursuing a career in science compared to boys. Kylie Walker, creator of the groundbreaking 'Superstars of STEM' program, has a mission to smash that stereotype and to show the world that scientists come from all walks of life. She challenges us to think about what breakthroughs might the world achieve if access to science was limitless. Passionate about gender equity Kylie’s tenure as CEO of Science & Technology Australia, Chair of the Australian National Commission for UNESCO and co-Chair of the National Research and Innovation Alliance means she’s able to connect scientists and technologists with governments, business media and society. She’s also the creator of the acclaimed Superstars of STEM program. Our limits should not be defined by our gender, ethnicity or condition, so what work needs to be done at a systems level to achieve equality?

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