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Got an idea for TEDxTalk for TEDxMelbourne?

Remember that TEDxTalks are a global brand and not everyone who applies gets to talk. Sometimes the subject matter is inappropriate for TEDx (no political or religious agendas, pseudoscience or commercial promotions), or the pitch (TED are very strict on commercial promotions appearing in a TEDxTalk) and in others it might be the content (not every story is TEDxTalks story)

We’d like to give you some idea what we at TEDxMelbourne look for in a prospective TEDxTalk:

  • We want to hear an idea that has never been shared before.
  • We are interested in stories that show your curiosity and enthusiasm for your subject.
  • We are looking for a TALK, not a speech, lecture or lesson.
  • Failure is as important as success and is warmly welcomed in any TEDxTalk.

A TEDxTalk is a story with beginning middle and end. It takes the listener on a journey and provides an insight into the subject that they did not have before. It is not a sales pitch or rant. It is not an expression of an opinion - evidence required. Nor is it an opportunity to bask in the limelight.

In thinking about pitching yourself and your story to us please consider the following:

  • A TEDxTalk is up to 18 minutes long. It can be shorter but it cannot be longer.
  • You’re expected to learn your speech, no stage notes are allowed in a TEDxTalk.
  • If you’re a professional speaker, we’ll be looking for something different to your usual presentation style.
  • A TEDxTalk is not a commercial platform for your career, company or creative endeavours. You take the stage and stand on the red circle for the love of sharing an idea.

Finally, due to the volume of applications, we cannot respond to it's success, failure or request for feedback. Apologies in advance.

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