Why the Amazon proves Darwin was wrong

Yossi Ghinsberg

What does the Amazon tell us of interdependence, modern progress, the REAL outcomes of competition? While only 3% of the planet it has 50% of the biomass. yet it thrives in ways we don't expect.

In 1981 Yossi Ghinsberg set out on a trek in the Bolivian Amazon with two fellow travellers and a German guide who promised to lead them to a lost tribe and a river of gold. But with the guide terrified of the river and Swiss friend Marcus struggling to walk, they split up. Marcus initially wanted to travel by raft, but was persuaded to walk out with the guide, Karl Ruprechter​. The two men were never seen again.

Yossi's story is told as the movie, "Jungle" starring Daniel Radcliffe. Today, Yossi is sharing something we might not expect about our assumptions we make about the world around us.

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