A partnership with TEDxMelbourne is Integrated, Immersive, and meaningful.

We are keen to work with the brightest and best brands and organisations to share our vision, work with your objectives and engage our TEDxMelbourne community.


A partnership with TEDxMelbourne is

integrated, immersive  
  and meaningful.

It has the power to drive awareness, transform minds and to shift perceptions of brands and organisations by tapping into our highly engaged community.

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We are keen to work with the brightest and best brands and organisations to share our vision, work with your objectives and engage our TEDxMelbourne community.

We thank our partners for joining us on our ongoing journey to share ideas worth spreading.

TEDxMelbourne partnerships are all about ideas, collaboration and results.

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Our Partners

MCO Events

MCO Events is a socially-conscious event management and branding company that specializes in helping organizations effectively convey their purpose, message, or vision to audiences across Australia. With a strong focus on creating unique brands and programs tailored to the client’s “why,” they excel in providing corporate event planning, venue selection, catering, production, entertainment, and conference services. As a social enterprise, MCO Events aims to empower and collaborate with businesses on a mission, fostering inspiration and building stronger communities nationwide. They are a proud partner of TEDxMelbourne, embodying their commitment to lasting, trustworthy partnerships.

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Introducing Freyja, a proud partner of TEDxMelbourne: an innovative Australian dining experience that embraces the contemporary 'New Nordic' approach. By blending classic culinary techniques with modern philosophies, Freyja delivers a multi-sensory feast that showcases the essence of Scandinavian gastronomy and hospitality traditions. This exceptional culinary journey not only delights the palate but also uncovers elements of local history and culture. Freyja's unique fusion of tradition and innovation perfectly aligns with TEDxMelbourne's values, making them an ideal partner for engaging and inspiring events.

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Work Club

As a not-for-profit, we are grateful to have our home at Work Club, a city co-working space which has welcomed our volunteers year after year. Their large boardrooms and dedicated quiet areas have allowed us to meet, plan and create our live events, bringing together our teams for collaboration and action.

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Think in Colour

A long term friend of TEDxMelbourne is Jessamy who attends our events (both live and digital) and graphically captures our speakers and community's ideas.  

Think in Colour specialise in communicating complex ideas in simple, artistic and accessible ways through graphic recording, illustration, and video. She and her team love sharing knowledge on listening and visual translation in the broader business, education and community contexts through speaking and training.  

You can see Jessamy's work on our socials and website - be sure to check it out.

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Fifth Castle Media

Welcome to Fifth Castle Media, your trusted partner for TEDxMelbourne: a Melbourne-based video and photography production agency dedicated to helping organizations effectively communicate their messages through captivating visuals. Our extensive team of professional creators specializes in various aspects of video and photography, ensuring the perfect artist is matched to bring your unique business strategies to life. As your reliable collaborator, Fifth Castle Media is committed to creating engaging visual media that resonates with your audience, while supporting the mission and goals of TEDxMelbourne. Together, we aim to inspire and inform communities across the nation.

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