Scientific Border Control - the negotiation of consent

Michelle Gallaher

Michelle was the negotiator with the Australian Government to legalise human stem cell research. Since then she has expanded her view on the public's role to decide what is appropriate (or not) to research. Should we leave this just to politically driven politicians and commercially driven scientists? Hear an insightful, fascinating, even entertaining talk on the importance in our part to the progress of science.

Michelle Gallaher is a soundly learned ambassador for Victorian biotech innovation industries. She boasts experience of more than two decades, advocating for field-revolutionising areas like stem cell research, clinical trials and research funding for innovation and science education.

During a six year tenure as CEO of BioMelbourne Network, Michelle saw hundreds of science start-ups find their feet (and investors) as they challenged their industries and provided innovative solutions for their clients. Her reach did not stop there. She threw caution to the wind, changing course to become a social media technology entrepreneur, co-founding The Social Science in 2013.

STEM is the latest area to receive her coveted attention. STEM is centred around women in science, technology, engineering, and maths. Taking her commitment one step further, Michelle organises an annual lunch celebrating leading ladies in the Australian biotech industry.

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