Why we should Dare to Disrupt?

George Bej

George Bej is award-winning Australian business executive who has gained more than 30 years of commercial experience in tough industrial market segments in which he has delivered outstanding growth and results.  George has partnered with TEDxMelbourne and TED in Whistler, Canada and places enormous value on the development and maintenance of strategic partnerships.

Disruptor, design-thinker and business dream-maker George Bej is an award-winning Australian executive with more than 30 year's commercial experience across a raft of industries.

George's inimitable approach to the business world draws upon Disruption Theory, Design Thinking, Intrapreneurialism and Innovation - exciting new ways of thinking seen in the tech start-ups of Silicon Valley with their scant access to capital or resources and an innate desire to shake things up. He wants 'big business' to take note of this ground swell of innovation and understand how and why start-ups are winning work away from large global brands.

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