Mars -- the next quantum leap

Dianne McGrath

Dianne has been short-listed to do the one way mission to Mars. This is equal parts technology driven and social experiment. Hear her thoughts on her expectations for this radical journey.

Dianne McGrath is one of 28 Australians shortlisted in the international Mars One program that seeks to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars (  Currently working as a consultant and doing a Higher Degree by Research at RMIT University, Dianne has completed multiple university degrees with a more recent focus on environmental engineering and sustainable food systems.

In addition to being on the Board of multiple not for profit organisations, Dianne has experience and expertise in project management and leading teams in sales, marketing, emergency services and government agencies.  Dianne's sense of adventure and determination is evident through sailing tall ships in the southern ocean, cycling extreme distances, jumping from planes and running marathons and ultra marathons.  Mars is the next great leap.

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