Jellyfish: In dangerous bloom

Lisa-ann Gershwin

Lisa-ann Gershwin warns us that jellyfish are flourishing in disturbed ecosystems and that perhaps we have passed a tipping point. She fears that overwhelming jellyfish blooms indicate a disturbed ecosystem of oceanic ecology, which will only lead to further devastation of our oceans. Using examples of jellyfish infiltration in marine industries and military ships, she asks us to consider how far will we let our oceans degrade.

The author of Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean, Lisa-ann is committed to inspiring young scientists and communicating the marvel of the natural world to non-scientists. In 1998 she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for her studies on jellyfish blooms and evolution. In her career she has discovered over 150 new species, including at least sixteen types of jellyfish.

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