How BioHacking can Make Relationships Great Again?

Jaida Simone

Do we know all there is to know about Love and Relationships, or is there more? Jaida Simone believe we are at the dawn of a new era of Love and is looking to cognitive Neuroscience and our innate abilities for the answers. As science and technology is advancing, so is our understanding of the brain and its capacity to love. When we reverse engineer our social conditioning, re-design our understanding of love and replant our brains into a new framework , we are able to reach levels of desire, fulfilment and love that we only dreamt of before.

Psychotherapist and Cognitive Neuroscientist Jaida Suheyla Simone explores the future of Love and the role of Intelligence in our Relationships. She lets us in on the secrets to advancing our aptitude, capabilities and abilities in relationships by working our way up the Erotic IQ spectrum, From Reverse Engineering up to Symbiotic Flow states and the Plateau Experience.

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