Education Leadership

Will Richardson

Will Richardson has spent the past decade thinking and writing about how emerging web technologies can be best used in classrooms and schools.  Called 'a trendsetter in education' by The New York Times, Will is author of the bestselling book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms, and has spoken to tens of thousands of educators in more than a dozen countries about the value of online learning networks.

Last month, in the middle of a cold Melbourne winter, we hosted a free event in the State Library of Victoria's Experimedia room -- a distinctive space where 19th-century grandeur meets 21st-century digital technology in a spacious bluestone-walled courtyard. Around 250 educators came together to explore the theme of Education Leadership.

The attendees were encouraged to start thinking about how they can work together rather than in isolation within their own classrooms. The event  focused on the changing nature of education and how technology can shape the future of learning which each of the speakers speaking passionately about their areas of expertise.

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