1200 sounds that prove you're a liar

Torb Pedersen

Well before words existed, sounds were giving away every thought and feeling we had. Have we lost our ability to spot them?

Torb Pedersen, a.k.a. “the voice guy” and founder of Torb Pedersen Institute, is the most comprehensively sought-after vocal expert in the world. Torb advises a diverse portfolio of client’s from World Leaders, CEO’s and The White House Press Corps to major Record Labels and the winners of over 100 Grammy Awards.

A neuro-mechanical expert in Vocal Science and Speaking Technologies, Torb leads a cutting-edge multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists and engineers, globally tracking and managing the integrity of its newly developed technologies and applications.

Torb Pedersen, conversant with many languages, now consults & presents throughout the world. Torb’s methods have been endorsed by everyone from Capitol Records to the government of China.

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