Stephanie Siu
Community ARtist
Visual artist

Stephanie Siu

Carlton, Melbourne
Tell us about you?
I am a visual artist from Hong Kong, based in Melbourne, and I specialise in realistic oil and acrylic paintings.
Stephanie Siu
What influences you?
One contemporary visual artist that I really admire is John Yuyi, a Taiwanese artist based in NY. Her ability to connote ideas and commentary on a technology-driven era through bizarre and at times confronting imagery amazes me. Relating back to my own practice, John Yuyi's work challenges me to think outside the box and step out of my comfort zone.
What Motivates you as an Artist? 
What are you working on at the moment?
Currently working on a new portraiture piece of a friend of mine.
What does the theme 'United' mean to you?
Stephanie Siu
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Stephanie Siu
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