Sarah Jane Pell
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Sarah Jane Pell

Docklands, Melbourne
Tell us about you?
I deliver creative and pragmatic solutions to explore human potential and expression in extreme environments. My expertise lies in sea and space. I apply the science of extreme performance, tapping ancient knowledge and cultural systems within dynamic ecologies, and breaking convention through experimental interaction design, novel expeditionary architectures and immersive visualisation.
Sarah Jane Pell
What influences you?
Speaking of resonance, I am most influenced by people working on the edge. Badass pioneers, aquanauts, astronauts, explorers, multi-dimensional mavericks and mischief-makers who share an exceptional capacity for imagining new worlds, natural expeditionary skillsets and the resolve to leave a legacy and make a difference in the world. I am also influenced by gritty and graceful movers, makers, creators, connectors and storytellers on a practice-led mission of discovery fueled by imagination, curiosity, and passion for amplifying even the tiniest signs of life. They nourish my being. The other biggest influence has been the oceans. I feel at home underwater. The aim of my lifelong work is to advance human interaction design and behaviour with a new framework ennobled by aquatic awareness and symbiotic knowledge systems - from sea to summit, to space. Water is the elixir of life as an Earthling. Total respect and gratitude.
What Motivates you as an Artist? 
With accelerating global uncertainty and highly unpredictable climates, creative technologists and explorers must re/new understanding of the needs and motivations of humans spanning a range of dynamic events from natural interactions to the most audacious endeavours. Threshold domains elicit a multiplicity of design challenges in human performance. I am interested in our expression and behaviour relating to extreme environments and change. What do we need in our artist toolkit today to capture and share that? Before the lockdown, I was working on expeditionary VR and live-stream immersive systems with collaborators from the Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform.
What are you working on at the moment?
A commissioned artwork for the Hobart Current: Liberty exhibition opening at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in the new year. My artwork titled Ringing Change explores the healing and heeding qualities of resonant bells. I have created a set of 3D printed micro hand bells in precious metals, and a Major Ring of 8 hand-cast Aluminum Bells with Change Ringing Wheels made in 8 different Tasmanian timber species, and hand spun jute and marino sally ropes. In campanology (bell ringing), a peal is the special name given to a specific type of performance of change ringing which meets certain exacting conditions for duration, complexity and quality. This artwork encourages visitors to play and perform an act of Liberty by working towards full peal. The artwork offers the City of Hobart and TMAG visitors a meaningful and playful collective action to ring out the end of a pandemic, and ring in the change that we all seek.
What does the theme 'United' mean to you?
Sarah Jane Pell
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Sarah Jane Pell
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