Printable Organic Solar Cells

David Jones

David Jones is currently the Project Coordinator for the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium, aiming to develop printable organic solar cells, based at the University of Melbourne.

The consortium brings together researchers from the University of Melbourne, Monash University and CSIRO MSE with key industrial collaborators BlueScope Steel, Securency International, Innovia Films and Robert Bosch (SEA) in the development of OPV. He received both his BSc (Hons. 1986), and PhD (Chemistry) (1995) from the University of Tasmania.

He completed postdoctoral research periods in Sheffield, UK (Organic Chemistry) and Cardiff, UK (organometallic chemistry and catalysts) before moving to Imperial College London where he was the Team Leader in the BP catalysts discovery team headed by Professor Vernon Gibson. In 2004 he joined Professor Andrew Holmes at Cambridge University before relocating with Professor Holmes to the Bio21 Institute at the University of Melbourne.

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