Performance - Dumb Ways to Die

TinPan Orange

In 2012, critically acclaimed Australian folk-pop darlings, Tinpan Orange released Over the Sun, an album singer-songwriter Emily Lubitz refers to as "the greatest album of my life". Months later, just to pay the bills, Lubitz sang the anonymous lead vocal on the Metro Trains campaign that became the viral internet sensation -- Dumb Ways To Die -- also one of TED's ten 'Ads Worth Spreading' in 2013.

Forty-five million YouTube hits later, Tinpan Orange is touring the world, slightly bewildered and keen to set their creative record straight. Imagine Edith Piaf in the body of Mrs Jessica Rabbit, twirling her hair out across a complex and original musical creation, in which virtuosic instrumental performances and intimate songwriting merge to form a wholly unique sound.

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