Men on the front line of gender equality

Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth Broderick recalls how she engaged the heads and hearts of military chiefs to take action and work toward a more equal Australian Defence Force. She aims to advance gender equality in Australia and as such introduced 'Male Champions of Change', a strategy that focuses on the men who invented the system and who, she believes, are the best chance of changing the system. By men taking the message of gender equality to other men, Liz believes that future generations of daughters will have equal opportunities as sons.

As current federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, she has chaired the review into the treatment of women in the Australian Defence Force and represents Australia at the UN annually. She is a member of the World Bank's Gender and Development Board. Liz advocated for the first national paid parental leave scheme as well as recognition of domestic violence as a workplace issue. She has also worked with federal government on strengthening gender equality laws.

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