Robert Lee Davis
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Life Landscape Artist

Robert Lee Davis

St Kilda, Melbourne
Tell us about you?
I am an Studio Artist who uses found images, paper, magazines and paint to create landscapes both familiar and distant.
Robert Lee Davis
What influences you?
The composer Philip Glass, who's music influences my work, transforms my ideas and calms my hand The artist Cy Twombly, who's artwork shares a common narrative and makes me see the world differently The poems of Walt Whitman inspired the pacing and cadence of my latest work
What Motivates you as an Artist? 
Daily interactions, current events, books, poetry
What are you working on at the moment?
I am creating a Life Landscape piece and submitting an artwork for consideration for a project in the CBD
What does the theme 'United' mean to you?
United..... together in thought, vision and determination
Robert Lee Davis
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Robert Lee Davis
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