Naomi Nicholls
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Naomi Nicholls

Yarraville, Melbourne
Tell us about you?
I'm a visual artist best known for brightly coloured collaged installations of super glossy vinyl, slicked with abstract gestures, which spread across walls and floor. I also make smaller versions as shaped panel paintings.
Naomi Nicholls
What influences you?
Katharina Grosse, Jessica Stockholder, David Reed, street art, colour, the corners and thresholds inside buildings, etc. These have influenced me because of the way the artists handle paint - as if it is a substance of interest itself, not just a means to show an image. Also some of their use of space, and street art and the corners and thresholds of buildings for the way we move and ignore or move and take notice of space.
What Motivates you as an Artist? 
I love bringing an artwork into the world that didn't exist before. Their composition is not pre-planned, so I never know what the painting will be in the end. I love being a part of that process.
What are you working on at the moment?
Smallish (for me) shaped paintings. They are abstract shaped cutouts of panel with voids in them, then I react to the shape with each brushstroke. Then each colour and mark reacting to the one before.
What does the theme 'United' mean to you?
Naomi Nicholls
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Naomi Nicholls
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